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Go hereand click on "Forgot your password" or "Forgot your username" underneath the Login box. Enter your email address and Nip'nTell will send you an email with a verification code so you can choose a new password.

If you have forgotten your username, enter your associated email address and your username will be emailed to you.

If you don't know your username or no longer have access to the email with which you registered, please either create a new account, or contact our customer service

Login to your account and choose to change your settings.

Nip'nTell typically updates data from our sources within three months of when updates are made available to us. When providers update information on their Nip'nTell listing it will be reflected and approved within three business days from the time your account is verified. As long as you keep your information current and accurate, it will not be overwritten by our other data sources.

To submit any updates or changes to your Nip'nTell listing you can sign in (if you already have a username and password) or register for free access.

Nip'nTell obtains the information in the directory from hundreds of government and commercially available sources. We apply data management best practices to surface the information appearing most trustworthy. However, the best information comes from the providers and practices themselves.

From the time you authorize your account, it may take up to three business days for your data to be approved and shown; although you may see some of your updates within a day.

When you register to claim and update your profile, the system walks you through the information Nip'nTell has about your business. Update and add to the information to help prospective patients and referring doctors find you—and choose you over other providers.

Studies frequently cite that patients and referring physicians consider the following elements to be the most important for evaluating, choosing or referring a provider:

  • Insurance accepted
  • Care philosophy
  • Prices
  • Procedures performed
  • Photos
  • Videos

Sometimes Nip'n tell receives multiple versions of a provider’s address from our numerous data sources. While Nip'n Tell makes every effort to avoid duplicates, sometimes we don’t have enough information to choose which one to show on your profile, so both will appear. To remove the duplicate, we recommend that you register now (it’s free & secure!) or sign in (if you already have a username) and claim your listing in order to be able to edit the one which is correct. Please email us at and tell us which duplicate to remove. You will always be our most trusted source!

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We set our pricing in a way that allows us to continue building for you a product of the highest quality and value. At 10 dollars a month per clinic address, it will set you back less than any other advertisement.
We want the value you get from Nip'n Tell to be very real and very tangible. So we've created Nip'n Tell to be the backbone of how your company can create new business and relations.
We built our tool from the bottom up, addressing real challenges for real people. The hardest part of introducing any new software and rating client to your team is actually getting them to use it.
So we worked hard to make sure Nip'n tell comes with built in addiction. Unlike traditional Yellow Pages that solely serves the manager, Nip'n Tell is a tool that your team actually loves using as it helps them getting better at their work.
There's no greater investment than pulling your team together, showing them the way to greatness and igniting them with passion to fight fiercely towards it.​

Start by updating your listing with correct information, add photos and create a widget.